Treat Yourself, Its a Holidays

With a long list of gifts to give and food to prep, the last thing you’re thinking about is you. Rather than give yourself something materialistic, indulge in a peaceful experience that you’re sure to remember

Commit to spa time.

The spa lounge can be jam-packed this time of year. Choose the spa and book a treatment and come on time. Take one or two treatments and have a holistic full body treatment to get maximal result. Spend 3hours in a spa and you’ll feel fresh after. Go to to a find a spa page and find luxurious spa for your luxurious treatment.


Put your best face forward with a  Pevonia facial.

Take advantage of the holiday promotions and head down to Pevonia’s  spa partners  to get that glow before the parties begin. Pevonia Botanica brand offers more than 30 specialized treatments and an extensive range of professional only products. Offering also more than 100 at-home products. Pevonia Botanica continuously upholds its fervent commitment to evolve in order to satisfy professionals and consumer demand.


Fit in a fitness pose each Dayclean-shoes-socks

You’ll ward off holiday blues and get your body ready to slip into your favorite dresses. Don’t forget to move your body even when you are in a holidays. It will reduce your guilty feelings because of those sweets you’re eaten the whole days.

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