Travel-Size Solves Beauty Dilemma!

If beauty products have been looking smaller to you lately, your eyes do not deceive you. This is not a gimmick but it is a new way of presenting product. Giving people the new way  of using product so that consumer could actually finish them before they expired and can easily bring them along on our increasingly mobile lives.


Travel size probably has become a way of life in beauty. Mobility is a major factor in the rise of travel -size items. Our lives have changed so much, and the consistency of doing your make up at home isn’t the same. Beauty is becoming more mobile because people are so mobile.

In addition to being more mobile, people are more conscious and educated consumers who understand what they want to buy. Travel size make the product more simple and have more value. Travel size comes with more affordable price compare to the regular size. Travel size also allows the consumer to try a  new product without making a full-size commitment.

Choosing Product

In many cases, we could see people buying the regular size for home and the travel size for their purse. Travel size gives us the opportunity to try a new product they might not normally buy with minimum investment. Not many people would like to buy a full size product if they haven’t try the product before, and so this travel size is a safe way to try new things.


Budget-friendly, result-driven skincare packs featuring Pevonia Botanica paraben-free products formulated with organic extracts for unparalleled skin health and radiance on the go! Everyone is on the go, and travel-sized product solves a beauty dilemma.

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