Spa Pevonia


I had a chance to visit our office in Sydney – Australia few months ago. It was my first Aussie experience, and also my first winter. I am from tropical country, so I really “green” about this winter thing.

After few days in Sydney, I noticed that my skin became really dry, and start breaking. Fortunately… visiting Spa Pevonia is in my schedule. I am so looking forward to spend a day there.

Spa Pevonia Day…


The spa is overlooking the lake, but even though it was so cold outside, I get the warm ambience straightaway.


As I entered the spa, the staff greeted me, and escort me to the lounge area.


While I settled myself  into the couch, slurping warm tea and filled up my plate with  a warm chocolate muffin, sweet chocolates, mmm it didn’t feel like waiting at all. With a soft music in the background, I felt so relax, and that is still in the lounge, hahahaha…

Finally, the treatment time!


Let’s have facial…

I was escorted to my treatment room.  Terezi – my lovely therapist, analysed my skin concerns, she suggested me to have Plantomer treatment. 3 words to describe this treatment: SOOTHING, NOURISHING, CALMING. Exactly what my skin are craving for…

Done with facial, I moved to other treatment room to have Pevonia Signature Massage with Jasna – other lovely therapist in Spa Pevonia. She must have read my mind, all that tied up tension and stress begins to get released through the power of touch. Ohhh I feel so relaxed and loose after getting my full-body massage.


I am so relaxed, and renewed, I feel that every part of my body can breathe. Thank you Terezi & Jasna. The treatments I had in Spa Pevonia is definitely one of the highlights of my “adventure” in Sydney. Wants to see more of Spa Pevonia? Check out the photo-video here

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