Some Useful Dry Skin Care Recommendations

Hydrated skin boosts your confidence, puts ageing at bay, creates a better base for makeup application and gives you a beautiful, glowing look. . Unfortunately, most of us are not born with perfect skin type and complexion, and many people suffer from having a dry skin type, Dry skin looks dull, damaged and tight and can be uncomfortable for the sufferer but there are ways to put the moisture back in your skin and see you on the road to skin perfection.

The main problem of dry skin is lack of moisture and this can be solved by thorough and regular use of moisturizing lotion. Moisturizer increases the water content of the outer layer of your dry skin and gives it a soft and smooth look. Chapping and cracking are the signs of extremely dry skin. If you have dry skin, you may also have tiny expression lines on the cheeks, around the eyes or in the corners of mouth.

Before you can begin treating your dry skin you need to understand a little bit about the causes of the condition. External causes, or environmental factors, include wind or cold exposure, bathing or showering with harsh or drying soaps, excessive bathing, and exposure to harmful chemicals found in air pollution.

Internal causes of dry skin include reduced oil gland function and poor diet. Reduced oil gland function results in a reduction of lubrication available to your skin. This lack of lubrication increases water loss on the skin’s surface and leads to dehydration, which leads to dry, flaking skin.

Here are the tips to alleviate dry skin:

From a food perspective, the best thing you can do to keep skin from getting dry is to keep hydrated. Drinking water is essential in promoting skin circulation drinking water, eat fruits and veggies that have a high-water content like melon, apples, oranges, pineapple, celery, and cucumbers.

Foods High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Fatty Acids help soften dry skin by holding in moisture and plumping it up, which can also help decrease the look of wrinkles – instant face lift! In fact, having an omega-3 deficiency can exasperate symptoms of dry skin and in some cases may even lead to eczema. Foods high in omega-3 include salmon, tuna, and trout. If fish isn’t your thing, look for flaxseed, avocado, and walnuts.

Foods Containing Zinc
If skin is dry and cracked, look to foods containing zinc. Zinc helps heal wounds by repairing damaged skin while also protecting it from future abuse. Foods like oysters, beans, turkey, crab, and beef are high in zinc.

Foods Rich in Vitamin A
Vitamin A goes a long way in soothing dry, flaky skin and is easily found in leafy greens. It can also help repair environmental skin damage. Besides leafy greens, pick up some carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and pumpkin.

Foods High in Vitamin E
This powerful vitamin helps skin retain its natural moisturizers and bolsters UV defense. Foods high in vitamin E include nuts and seeds, avocado, wheat germ, flaxseed oil, dark leafy greens, and broccoli.

The simple key is here!
The basic rule of beauty is that if you have dry skin, you should invest in a rich moisturizer. You’ll have to select products that are created for dry skin to make sure that your skin is getting the right type and quantity of moisture.

It’s important to invest in a high-quality body moisturizer to help reduce body dryness and prevent ageing. Find a good cleanser to treat the dry skin on your face, and then apply a lotion & cream for a complete treatment. If your skin is extremely dry, we highly suggest you apply a dry skin serum before bed.

Remember! When you bathe or wash your face, don’t use hot water will make your dry skin worse. If you do this mistake you will land yourself in trouble. Hot water kills more skin cells, which means you could experience more peeling and discomfort. And, when you’re drying your face or body, be sure not to scrub or rub your dry skin harshly with a rough towel. The other options can be blotting your skin or even allowing it to dry. This will help tremendously in restoring moisture to your dry skin.

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