Skin Care Routine for Teens


In between your busy school day, hangout with you BFF, keeping your skin healthy, especially on the face, should be the main beauty priority. Why? Skin care routine will not take a lot of time, and it’s fun!! Just follow these 3 steps for a healthy, fresh skin.


First things first, so the the most important step to having clear, great looking skin is to ensure it is clean. The basic idea to clear skin, is to keep your pores clean. It’s actually impossible to do this with just a regular soap, so you need to use a specialist product that will get deep inside the pore. You will probably want to ditch the bar soap and use a facial cleanser suited for your skin type.Try Pevonia SpaTeen All Skin Types Cleanser,  it leaves your face totally clean without dryness, redness, or irritation. Recommended for all teen skin types, including sensitive. DON’T overdo it. Washing your face 10 times a day will only dry out your face.


For young skin, you need a toner that is as natural as possible and that doesn’t contain any alcohol. Great Toners make your skin feel so good – no matter what skin type you are! After cleansing the skin thoroughly with Pevonia SpaTeen All Skin Types Cleanser, blot skin dry. Wipe face and neck with a cottonball moistened with Pevonia SpaTeen All Skin Types Lotion.


Don’t forget to moisturise. Moisturise your face every day to keep your skin hydrated and well-balanced. Moisturiser is great and adds that extra WOW factor to your face. You don’t need a thick heavy cream – go for something light that is quickly absorbed. Light textured, Pevonia SpaTeen All Skin Types Moisturiser, this truly easy to use moisturiser delivers continuous and gentle exfoliation polishing away dead cells and preventing blemish-causing build-up. It deeply hydrates the skin as UV filters deliver protection. Recommended for all teen skin types, including sensitive.

It’s easy right? So start early!!!

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