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If late-night revelry has left you with dark circles, you need to take preventive as well as reparative measures.

You would want your eyes – the main feature of your face to sparkle with good health and happiness right? Say you have an early morning meeting and you got up looking like a pufferfish, don’t freak out, here are some ways to improve your look by diminishing dark circles and puffiness:

1. Get Enough Sleep


Experts suggest that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. If you are not getting enough sleep, your eyes may look dull, puffy and red. Lack of sleep can also give you raccoon eyes – dark circles all around the eye area.

2. Choose your F&B wisely


Food that is high in sodium and fat can make you retain water and make you bloated and puffy the next day. Choose to eat lean protein (fish, lean meat, tofu) and avoid simple carbs (white rice, white bread, pasta, cakes and sweets), sugar and salt.

Flush excess salt from your system by drinking water. Avoid salty foods for the rest of the day. Stay away from drinks that cause you to become dehydrated, like coffee and alcohol.

3. Évolutive Eye Cream is a must!


Use Pevonia Évolutive Eye Cream’s rich at night, non-greasy triphase homogenized formula firms and tighten the area around your eyes. Squalane, Vitamin A, E and Chitosan Ascorbate, work in unison to repair fine lines and crepiness enabling you to reveal a youthful eye contour.

When applying eye cream, be gentle – don’t rub. Apply a small quantity of the Évolutive Eye Cream around the eyes. Assure the area is clean and use gentle tapping movements. Avoid contact with inner eyes.

4. Pevonia “C” Évolutive Eye Gel


Almost everyone wakes up in the morning with puffy eyes, but the puffiness usually goes away pretty fast.  For some, however, the puffiness can stick around most of the day making you look tired and not rested. Reducing the bags under your eyes can give your face a wake-up makeover naturally and make your face look fresh and rested.

Microemulsified C Évolutive Eye Gel with high-tech time-release sphérulites delivers decongesting benefits to your delicate eye zone throughout the day. Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ginkgo Biloba, combine to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Reveal alluring eyes with a visibly refreshed and rejuvenated eye contour.

In the morning, apply a small quantity of the “C” Évolutive Eye Gel around the eyes avoiding contact with your inner eye area. Follow with gentle tapping movements. An excellent base for long lasting make-up. Use one finger to gently tap from the inside to the outside back and forth.

5. Have Fun!


In addition to that, exercise often, and get plenty or fresh air. Think positively, be kind, and enjoy life to make your eyes radiate love, compassion and joy.

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