Pevonia Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ – Beauty Innovation for Skin Regeneration and Repair

In the quest for the ultimate anti-aging solution, plant stem cells are the leaders in skincare innovation, results, and benefits. Pevonia®, a worldwide leader in professional spa skincare, introduces advancements in plant stem cell technology with the new Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ collection. A breakthrough in phyto-biology with proprietary advanced formulas, Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ features two stem cell sources, Argan Tree and European Comfrey Root, which are proven to visibly repair aging skin. Featuring a Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser, an Intensive Serum, and an Intensive Cream, the skincare collection sets higher standards in cellular regeneration by getting to the root cause of skin aging.


With its two unique stem cell sources and a concentration of stem cells that is five to ten times higher than what is currently available, the Pevonia Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ collection reduces the look of wrinkles while increasing firmness and providing smoother and more radiant looking skin. Each product in the collection enables maximum absorbency and faster repair activity, plus additional anti-oxidant, protective, and anti-aging benefits for the skin.

As we age, the epidermal layer of the skin becomes thinner, rougher, drier and uneven, as skin cells turn over at a slower rate than in youth. Plant stem cells provide a natural solution for aging skin, as these cells are able to repair skin tissue and prolong the life cycle of human skin cells. To create the Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ Collection, Pevonia® looked to two specific natural resources for skin rejuvenation and repair – the Argan Tree and European Comfrey Root.


Stem Cells from the Argan tree improve the regenerative capacity of dermal skin cells, providing excellent support and elasticity to the skin from deep within while also improving the extra cellular matrix structure to reduce wrinkles. Stem cells from the European Comfrey Root, also known as Symphytum Stem Cells, work at the epidermal layer of skin, speeding up skin renewal and acting as a new growth bonding agent to improve epidermal thickness and naturally increase Hyaluronic Acid content, which lends strength and flexibility to the skin.

The new Pevonia Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ collection works from deep within the skin’s layers, starting at the dermis, to deliver healthy, ageless looking skin. The collection includes:

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Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser
A multi-active one-step formula for high performance cleansing and toning. Ideal for all skin types, and to use morning and night.


Intensive Serum
For use after the Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser. A rejuvenating booster providing smoothing and hydrating benefits, this serum protects and energizes cells while accelerating the repair of aging skin. Best used morning and night.


Intensive Cream
A potent anti-aging moisturizer, this daily intensive cream hydrates, brightens, and protects while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles at the source. Best used morning and night.

All Pevonia® products are made with natural and organic extracts, and are alcohol free, gluten free, paraben free, lanolin free, mineral oil free, PABA free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, non-GMO and Mother Earth Approved. Pevonia believes the most powerful ingredients in skincare come from the safest source – nature.



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Can Stress Really Affect Your Physical Appearance?


Stress doesn’t only make you look older, it ages your genes as well. That demanding job, life’s challenges, the grief of something unexpected, politics and the list goes on. All these things can take a toll on an individual’s appearance and contribute to premature aging in appearance.


Stress is, however, everywhere and almost inevitable. Even when you feel relaxed, your body continues to be under stress, and this time a biological one. Baseline biological stress is the one that contributes to aging rapidly.


Stress that is not controlled most certainly affects the body’s physical characteristics or beauty. It affects skin, hair, fingernails, and digestion system. Simply put, stress triggers many pathways that cause aging, and when all these come together, it results in premature aging.

When you are stress, look at your skin. It probably the easiest way to find out whether you are in a stress condition or not. Look at the mirror and do you see more wrinkles? A dull skin? Skin probably the most affected area when you are stress, and the premature aging would easily recognized in your skin such as wrinkles.

To overcome your premature aging, Pevonia knows what best for your skin. Even if you are in a stress condition, don’t worry because Pevonia helps you look fabulous and make sure that your skin always healthy and glowing.  Pevonia Botanica Power Repair Marine D.N.A Cream is specifically formulated for any skin revealing signs of ageing, premature aging or environmental abuse. The Pevonia Marine D.N.A. (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) cream is an exceptionally fine high-tech homogenized emulsion for better penetrability, absorbency and results. The cream also rich in hyaluronic acid, gardenia oil and squalane helps tighten dilated pores by improving the elasticity of the pilo-sebaceous follicles’ walls, resulting in a smoother and finer skin texture.

Marine DNA Cream

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Reduce Premature Skin Aging

One thing that we cannot change is the natural aging process. With time, we all get visible lines on our face. It is natural for our face to lose some of its youthful fullness. Our environment and lifestyle choices can cause our skin to age prematurely, especially the sun which plays major role in prematurely aging our skin.


There are ways to reduce premature skin aging, such as :

  1. Protect your skin from the sun every day
    Sun protection is essential. You can protect your skin by seeking shade, covering up with clothing, and using sunscreen SPF 30 or higher. You should apply sunscreen every day to all skin that is not covered by clothing


  2. If you smoke, stop.
    Smoking greatly speeds up how quickly skin ages. It causes wrinkles and a dull, sallow complexion.


  3. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet
    Findings from a few studies suggest that eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables may help prevent damage that leads to premature skin aging. Findings from research studies also suggest that a diet containing lots of sugar or other refined carbohydrates can accelerate aging.

    Omega 3

  4. Drink less alcohol
    Alcohol is rough on the skin. It dehydrates the skin, and in time, damages the skin. This can make us look older.


  5. Exercise most days of the week
    Findings from a few studies suggest that moderate exercise can improve circulation and boost the immune system. This, in turn, may give the skin a more-youthful appearance.


  6. Cleanse your skin gently.
    Gentle washing helps to remove pollution, makeup, and other substances without irritating your skin. Pevonia Botanica Hydrating Cleanser removes skin impurities and thoroughly rinses away without any residue. Precisely combining Marine Collagen and Marine Elastin, this hydrating cleanser helps to preserve your skin’s moisture and hydrolipidic film. Use morning and evening by applying a small quantity of Hydrating Cleanser all over your face and neck and working with wet fingertips.


  7. Apply a specifically formulated  Moisturizer for mature skin
    Moisturizer traps water in our skin, giving it a more youthful appearance. Pevonia Botanica Power Repair Cream for Skin renewal! Visibly resurface your skin with this fabulous triphase, homogenized cream with UV protection. This powerful cream works to refine pores and smooth skin’s overall texture. Use morning or evening all over your face and neck, after thoroughly cleansing and toning.

    Power Repair - Line

Even people who already have signs of premature skin aging can benefit from making lifestyle changes. By protecting your skin from the sun, you give it a chance to repair some of the damage. Smokers who stop often notice that their skin looks healthier. New treatments for smoothing wrinkles, tightening skin, and improving one’s complexion are giving many people younger-looking skin.



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Travel-Size Solves Beauty Dilemma!

If beauty products have been looking smaller to you lately, your eyes do not deceive you. This is not a gimmick but it is a new way of presenting product. Giving people the new way  of using product so that consumer could actually finish them before they expired and can easily bring them along on our increasingly mobile lives.


Travel size probably has become a way of life in beauty. Mobility is a major factor in the rise of travel -size items. Our lives have changed so much, and the consistency of doing your make up at home isn’t the same. Beauty is becoming more mobile because people are so mobile.

In addition to being more mobile, people are more conscious and educated consumers who understand what they want to buy. Travel size make the product more simple and have more value. Travel size comes with more affordable price compare to the regular size. Travel size also allows the consumer to try a  new product without making a full-size commitment.

Choosing Product

In many cases, we could see people buying the regular size for home and the travel size for their purse. Travel size gives us the opportunity to try a new product they might not normally buy with minimum investment. Not many people would like to buy a full size product if they haven’t try the product before, and so this travel size is a safe way to try new things.


Budget-friendly, result-driven skincare packs featuring Pevonia Botanica paraben-free products formulated with organic extracts for unparalleled skin health and radiance on the go! Everyone is on the go, and travel-sized product solves a beauty dilemma.

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