How to Keep your Healthy Skin When Stressed

Have you ever noticed how when you are stressed out about work, friends, or life in general, your skin would suddenly break out?

Stress can aggravate psoriasis, acne, fever blisters, itchy, even infection and more. This is because stress releases several hormones in the body that aggravate the skin.

The more stressed out you are, the worse your skin will look. So how to maintain healthy skin when you’re stressed? Try these tips:

– Try to control your stress as best you can by thinking through the things that are worrying you
– It can be a challenge to find time to go through all the steps of your usual skin care routine but cleansing twice a day is a must
– Exercise regularly. Exercise improves blood flow and normalizes hormone levels, which will keep skin healthy and smooth.
– If you have an acne problem, treat it promptly with the proper cream and lotion.
– Stress can trigger more oil production and you might be sweating more than usual. Use an oily skin cleanser to purge the pores of toxins, sweat and buildup. And then apply an oily skin lotion.  Scrub your face with a smooth exfoliating cleanser to prevent clogging. The last,  apply an oily skin cream to hydrate, refine pores and normalize oily secretions.
– Do whatever you can to ensure a full and restful night’s sleep. Sleep renews the body’s ability to fight stress and heals stressed-out skin.
Take a bath with aromatherapy to calm nerves and soothe stressed skin.

– Breathe deeply when you’re feeling stressed out. You’ll lower your heart rate, calm your nerves, and help heal your skin all at once.
– Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to keep skin healthy and glowing.
– Avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol so that skin can maintain its natural balance.
– Practice stress-reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation, chanting, and visualization to heal the body, mind, and skin.
– Is anger making you stressed? Anger shows on your face immediately and can leave permanent damage, so explore anger-management techniques to reduce rage.
– Pamper yourself with home spa treatment can help to keep skin more balanced when you’re stressed out. An added benefit of getting a spa facial is the relaxation element. And get a neck massage, which can help to reduce stress and relax.

– A full body massage in salon or spa treatments can help to balance your energy levels and reduce stress.

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