Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness Treatment

Have you ever looked in the mirror and realised that your eyes look like a panda’s eyes? It’s a horrible realisation and one that seriously reduces self confidence.

Panda eyes, or dark circles, occur because the skin under our eyes is thin and easily dries out. Most darkness under the eyes is caused by poor blood circulation and leakage of blood cells that get stuck in the tissues around the eyes.

Stress, over working hours, lack of sleep, watching TV or sitting in front of the computer for too long, aging and a bad diet are all reasons we get a puffy eyes and dark circles easily. In some people sinus swelling can also result in a worsened appearance of dark circles.

Everyone wishes they had a beautiful eyes. So, we should do our best to keep our eyes as beautiful as possible.

What’s the secrets of healthy eyes?

– Always remove make-up around the eye area with a gentle eye makeup remover.

– Apply eye gel which is high in vitamin C around your eye area in the morning and evening. Start at the corner below the eye and slowly massage outwards. Then tap lightly under the eye. The most effective way to use eye gel is to combine it with some simple massage steps to physically pull up on the tissue, reducing the look of puffiness and get rid of dark circles.

– If you have a wrinkles under the eyes, apply an eye cream to firm the skin around eyes and smooth wrinkles.

– Apply a cold compress on the eyes before sleep. This can help reduce the dilation of blood vessels under the eyes. It will quickly minimize puffiness due to congestion.

– Wear dark sunglass and hydrating sunscreen when you go out in the sun to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

– Every morning splash your eyes with generous amounts of water to keep them cool and clean.

– Drink plenty of water to keep eyes area well-moisturized. Avoid drinking alcohol as it causes redness in the eyes.

– Avoid junk and salty foods as they cause water retention, which in turn makes the skin near the eyes bloated.

– Eat foods that are rich in vitamin A and C such as mangoes, oranges, spinach, fish, pumpkins, tomato, cabbage. etc.

– Reduce how much time is spent in front of a screen. Constant glaring at the computer or TV can damage your eyes. So take few minutes break from time to time.

– Avoid reading in dim light or working in front of the computer for long hours

– Taking adequate rest and sleeping for at least seven to eight hours is a must to keep your eyes glowing.

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