Can Stress Really Affect Your Physical Appearance?


Stress doesn’t only make you look older, it ages your genes as well. That demanding job, life’s challenges, the grief of something unexpected, politics and the list goes on. All these things can take a toll on an individual’s appearance and contribute to premature aging in appearance.


Stress is, however, everywhere and almost inevitable. Even when you feel relaxed, your body continues to be under stress, and this time a biological one. Baseline biological stress is the one that contributes to aging rapidly.


Stress that is not controlled most certainly affects the body’s physical characteristics or beauty. It affects skin, hair, fingernails, and digestion system. Simply put, stress triggers many pathways that cause aging, and when all these come together, it results in premature aging.

When you are stress, look at your skin. It probably the easiest way to find out whether you are in a stress condition or not. Look at the mirror and do you see more wrinkles? A dull skin? Skin probably the most affected area when you are stress, and the premature aging would easily recognized in your skin such as wrinkles.

To overcome your premature aging, Pevonia knows what best for your skin. Even if you are in a stress condition, don’t worry because Pevonia helps you look fabulous and make sure that your skin always healthy and glowing.  Pevonia Botanica Power Repair Marine D.N.A Cream is specifically formulated for any skin revealing signs of ageing, premature aging or environmental abuse. The Pevonia Marine D.N.A. (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) cream is an exceptionally fine high-tech homogenized emulsion for better penetrability, absorbency and results. The cream also rich in hyaluronic acid, gardenia oil and squalane helps tighten dilated pores by improving the elasticity of the pilo-sebaceous follicles’ walls, resulting in a smoother and finer skin texture.

Marine DNA Cream

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