Anti-Aging For Your Lips

As you age, wrinkles and skin discoloration begin to appear on your face. Normal aging can tend to break down elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid in your skin that will help contribute to the unattractive wrinkles to appear. Smoking, sun damage and many other environmental stresses can create vertical lines on your upper lip. Wrinkles appear around your eyes, mouths and on your lips. If you take care of your lips, you greatly increase your chances of avoiding lip wrinkles.

Lips are very delicate parts of our body, which lose collagen content faster than other parts of the face or body. Some other factors contributing to formation of wrinkles are smoking, exposure to too much sun and even genetics. Some even say that people who drink straight from the bottle, pucker their lips and mouth often, thereby leading to formation of wrinkles over a period of time. With the proper precautions men and women can actually delay lip wrinkles indefinitely.

The appearance of vertical wrinkles above the lip will dramatically age a person, sometimes making them appear older than one is, especially if the lines are deep and numerous. Creases surrounding the mouth will also often cause lipstick to “bleed” beyond the lip line (lipstick lines) and cause the application of makeup to settle into the crevices.

Some treatments are available to reduce the visibility of these lines or ward off wrinkles from forming:

Drink Lots of Water

Hydrating oneself is the key to prevent lip wrinkles from emerging on the face. In fact, this is the best lip wrinkle treatment available because it yields fruit without any side effects! Drink about 8 glasses of water everyday. Besides fading of lip wrinkles, your overall body health will also improve as time progresses. We often underestimate the effectiveness and power of the natural resources around us. If you find it difficult to drink such a lot of water, try consuming more fresh fruit juices, etc.

Stop Smoking

Aside from being the biggest contributor to lip wrinkles smoking has scores of side effects. A smoker is easily detected by their lip wrinkles. Smoking restricts proper blood flow to your skin and promotes wrinkles. Lip wrinkles from smoking can be avoided by quitting smoking. Smoking has scores of side effects, which is why if you stop smoking a number of your problems will reduce. Think about it! You could avoid all those ugly lip wrinkles by saying no to smoking! It’s a choice you have to make for yourself.

Use Lip Balm or Serum

Dryness results in shriveling up of cells around the lips, causing them to wrinkle. Keeping the lips moist and hydrated is important to prevent them from drying and wrinkling. Thus, one should get a lip balm or lip serum and apply it daily, even before going to bed. This keeps your lips moisturized and hydrated.

Lip Wrinkle Cream

Cream that targeted to the lip area to effectively plumps the skin and minimizes the appearance of lines. To deep conditioning, keep your lips supple, smooth, and chap-free.

Our smile and our lips are our most visible facial features. Take precautions and help prevent lip wrinkles.

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