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Lilies are aquatic plant which is always found near the water body. It has large leaves and the color of the flower may be yellow, white and pink. Some people grow while lilies in their garden to enhance the beauty of their garden. It has more than 70 species and can be found all over the world. White lilies have been used in many paintings and other artistic things.

Water lilies are very nutritious which people may not know. The seeds of the yellow water lily have high content of starch and glucose. Roots and leaves can be boiled and can be eaten to get the nutritious properties of the lilies. Even one can make jam from the flowers and use it on toast. Before consuming the lilies it is very important to identify the specie because there are many species of lilies which are poisonous. There are a lot of benefits of water lily. In today’s world where the pollution levels are very high, people are always attracted to cosmetic products which comprises of natural ingredients and extracts of nature.

No matter how you consume it, Water lily will surely provide your body with tons of health benefits!

1. Natural Moisturizer
Seed of nymphea alba is used in the skin care product that provides instant hydration to the skin. Use waterlily if you suffer from dry, flaky skin as you natural moisturizer and flaunt your new found glowing skin

2. Oil Control
External use of waterlily can balance oily skin, prevent pimple and acne breakouts

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3. Relaxing effect and helps sleep
Water lily could be use for relaxations therapy because the fragrance could be use for aromatherapy, helps you get a better sleep

4. Promotes healing of wounds and burns
anti-inflammatory action in water lily could helps to reduce the heat and fast healing of wounds. Also helps to soothes irritation, redness, infections, skin disorders.

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Pevonia Botanica After Sun Soothing Gel with  key ingredients of Waterlily, Green tea and chamomile are very soothing and comfort. Relieve painful sunburn and immediately decrease skin’s temperature with this cooling and refreshing gel. A potent compound of Proline and water lily extract, combine to soothe, densitize and gently alleviate your-sun sensitive skin.

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