You must be knowing caviar as one of most expensive foods in the world. It is a delicacy made of tiny fish eggs that are processed and salted. Caviar is your skin’s best friend for many reasons. Anti aging is just one of them.

Caviar is another addition to the types of facial treatment you can have. Before you try some exotic and highly expensive caviar on your skin, you deserve to know on how Caviar works on your skin:

 1. The Goodness Of The Sea
Wonder why the sea breeze gives you that fresh look? Marine climate and the elements of sea or ocean water have been proven to benefit the skin. Sea salts, for example, are used to bathe. Caviar is also essentially marine and has all the goodness of sea minerals.

Pevonia Botanica - Take a Deep Breath

2. Skin’s Protein Diet
You can say that caviar is your skin’s protein diet. Our skin and the muscles under it are basically made up of protein, that is, amino acids. Caviar is rich in amino acids that will be directly absorbed into the skin. This ensures regular rejuvenation of your skin to make you look younger and less tired.


3. Human Like Cells
The cell structure of caviar is very similar to the structure of a human skin cell. Strange as it sounds this really speeds up the rejuvenation process of your skin. Caviar helps produce better quality collagen for the skin at an invigorated speed. It slows down the process of aging considerably.

4. Glow Like A Glow Fish
Being sea food, caviar is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. That is basically good cholesterol for your skin. These good fats form a layer of pure shine on your skin.


5. Makeup Was Never Better Before
Whether you like it or not, makeup damages your skin. But when you have a layer of caviar cream protecting your skin, you can be relieved. Cosmetic foundation sits very well on caviar as a base. So, it will not affect the quality of your makeup.


How Do I Afford It? Pevonia Timeless Repair line, One of the most exciting skin care solutions to slow down skin ageing in the last decade! Combining three of the world’s most rewarding and innovative ingredients discoveries: Myoxy Caviar, Pearl Extract and Vegetal Botox in a sublime range that delivers spectacular results. Enjoy increased oxygenation, greater cellular activity, improved blood circulation, increased suppleness, improved elasticity, extreme hydration and less visible wrinkles!


It is worth it, and if you do not want to use it on a regular basis, you can go for some types of facials using caviar treatment at Pevonia’s trusted spa partners trough out Indonesia. This anti-ageing treatment replenishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: Escutox™. This luxurious clay thermal mask will improve elasticity, increase oxygenation of cells and the suppleness of the skin. Counteract the imprint of time and reflect a youthful complexion as it dramatically reduces facial expression lines and wrinkles. Myoxy-Caviar – the ultimate in anti-ageing. Ideal for those who would like to minimize the signs of ageing. Not suitable for Sensitive, Oily skin types.

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