Introducing Pevonia Botanica new Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ collection

In the quest for the ultimate anti-aging solution, plant stem cells are the leaders in skincare innovation, results, and benefits. Pevonia®, a worldwide leader in professional spa skincare, introduces advancements in plant stem cell technology with the new Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ collection.

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A breakthrough in phyto-biology with proprietary advanced formulas, Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ features two stem cell sources, Argan Tree and European Comfrey Root, which are proven to visibly repair aging skin. Featuring a Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser, an Intensive Serum, and an Intensive Cream, the skincare collection sets higher standards in cellular regeneration by getting to the root cause of skin aging.

With its two unique stem cell sources and a concentration of stem cells that is five to ten times higher than what is currently available, the Pevonia Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ collection reduces the look of wrinkles while increasing firmness and providing smoother and more radiant looking skin. Each product in the collection enables maximum absorbency and faster repair activity, plus additional anti-oxidant, protective, and anti-aging benefits for the skin.

As we age, the epidermal layer of the skin becomes thinner, rougher, drier and uneven, as skin cells turn over at a slower rate than in youth. Plant stem cells provide a natural solution for aging skin, as these cells are able to repair skin tissue and prolong the lifecycle of human skin cells. To create the Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ Collection, Pevonia® looked to two specific natural resources for skin rejuvenation and repair – the Argan Tree and European Comfrey Root.

Stem Cells from the Argan tree improve the regenerative capacity of dermal skin cells, providing excellent support and elasticity to the skin from deep within while also improving the extra cellular matrix structure to reduce wrinkles. Stem cells from the European Comfrey Root, also known as Symphytum Stem Cells, work at the epidermal layer of skin, speeding up skin renewal and acting as a new growth bonding agent to improve epidermal thickness and naturally increase Hyaluronic Acid content, which lends strength and flexibility to the skin.

The new Pevonia Stem Cells Phyto-Elite™ collection works from deep within the skin’s layers, starting at the dermis, to deliver healthy, ageless looking skin. The collection includes:

1. Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser

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A multi-active one-step formula for high performance cleansing and toning. Ideal for all skin types, and to use morning and night.

2. Intensive Serum


For use after the Multi-Active Foaming Cleanser. A rejuvenating booster providing smoothing and hydrating benefits, this serum protects and energizes cells while accelerating the repair of aging skin. Best used morning and night.

3. Intensive Cream


A potent anti-aging moisturizer, this daily intensive cream hydrates, brightens, and protects while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles at the source. Best used morning and night.

All Pevonia® products are made with natural and organic extracts, and are alcohol free, gluten free, paraben free, lanolin free, mineral oil free, PABA free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, non-GMO and Mother Earth Approved. Pevonia believes the most powerful ingredients in skincare come from the safest source – nature

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Lawan Selulit!

Perempuan selalu memimpikan memiliki kulit mulus seperti yang terpampang pada halaman mode majalah dan sebagainya. Namun satu yang tidak bisa dihindari, adalah hadirmya selulit di beberapa bagian tubuh. Sebagian besar selulit memang lebih sering timbul di tubuh perempuan dibandingkan dengan laki-laki, hal ini dikarenakan perempuan memiliki lebih banyak timbunan lemak.

Selulit itu normal. Meski kehadirannya membuat kulit menjadi tidak mulus dan tidak menarik. Setelah mengalami masa pupertas, siapa pun bisa mendapatkan selulit. Oleh karenanya, banyak ditemui perempuan  muda namun sudah mengalami selulit. Seiring dengan bertambahnya usia, elastisitas kulit ikut menurun dan cenderung pula kehilangan otot tubuh dan mendapatkan lebih banyak lemak, yang semua faktor tersebut akan meningkatkan terjadinya selulit.

Selulit memang tidak bisa dihilangkan, tapi bisa disamarkan. Tidak ada makanan ajaib yang bisa menghilangkannya.  Diet yang baik dan mencegah kelebihan berat badan adalah salah satu cara untuk tidak memperparah timbulnya selulit. Pada saat tubuh kehilangan banyak lemak, selulit tidak akan nampak, namun ia akan kembali terlihat jika berat badan kembali seperti semula.

Selulit juga bisa diatasi secara alami dengan 5 langkah berikut:

1. Olahraga

Olahraga secara teratur bisa membakar lemak di daerah paha atau dengan jogging di pagi hari selama 10-20 menit.


2. Pijat

Pijat bagian tubuh dengan krim anti selulit searah jarum jam. Lakukan secara teratur setiap malam hari.


3. Ketimun

Rendam ketimun selama satu hari. Gunakan sikat lembut, lalu gosok pada bagian yang terdapat selulit. Jangan lupa, sebelumnya olesi dengan krim anti selulit.


4. Pasir Laut

Berendam di pantai, sambil gosok pasir laut pelan-pelan, pada bagian tubuh yang berselulit. Pasir laut mengandung mineral alami yang baik untuk kulit.


5. Lotion Anti Selulit

Pakai lotion anti selulit yang mengandung bahan alami. Ini berguna untuk membersihkan sel-sel kulit Anda, sehingga selulit bisa berkurang.

Pevonia-april-2013-Smooth-And-Tone-Body-Svelt-Cellulite-CreamPevonia Botanica Smooth and Tone Body-Svelt Cream diformulasikan dari bahan natural terbaik dapat membantu melancarkan staknasi lapisan bawah kulit dan menghilangkan racun sehingga tampilan kulit lebih halus dan kencang. Lemak dapat hilang dengan cara mendorong kemampuan kulit untuk merubah lemak menjadi energi, terutama di bagian rawan selulit.

Hasil dari pemakaian  Pevonia Botanica Smooth and Tone Body-Svelt  Cream adalah selulit yang tersamarkan menjadikan kulit terlihat lebih lembab, halus dan tampilan menjadi lebih mulus


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Fight Adult Acne

Just when you thought your “bad skin” days were over, adult acne strikes. Adult acne can be very persistent and difficult to treat, sometime crop up in the same place each month.

The exact cause of acne is not known, but hormones called androgens can play a role. Androgens increase in both boys and girls during puberty. Androgens make the skin’s oil glands get larger and make more sebum. Androgens also can increase because of hormonal changes related to pregnancy or starting or stopping birth control pills.

Genetics may also matter. If your parents had acne, you may have inherited that tendency. Some medications also can cause acne. Cosmetics that have a greasy consistency may also clog pores. Water-based products are less likely to cause acne than oil-based makeup.

Fight back with adult-strength treatment :

1. Fine-tune your diet

Each time you have a pimple, look back two days, see what you ate and try eliminating the suspect foods. Create a food diary if necessary.


2. Detox your skin

If you have mild-to-moderate breakouts, stop all your troubleshooting products and wait a few days to see if your skin calms down. Then you can add products back slowly, one at a time over a couple of weeks.


3. Don’t squeeze or pick blemishes

Popping pimples can drive acne bacteria deeper into the skin. Picking can lead to more inflammation and permanent scarring.


4. Moisturize regularly

Use Pevonia Botanica Poblematic Skin Care Cream, a scientifically formulated with many of nature’s most healing ingredients, Pevonia’s Problematic Skin Care Cream  effectively deals with intense skin care problems.It serves as a dynamic agent controlling bacteria and preventing inflammation while calming and soothing irritated skin.  Light-textured and oil-free, this cream offers UV protection and contains Glycolic Acid, Calendula, and Panthenol to soothe, hydrate, and desensitize. It is excellent for preventing pore clogging and blackheads.


 6. Live well. De-stress

Adult acne is often related to tension. Try deep breathing, yoga or another stress-reducing activity. Get seven-plus hours of sleep: Rested skin is healthy skin. Avoid alcohol before bedtime: This interrupts the sleep cycle and makes you more acne-prone.


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Turn Back The Clock

Are you aging faster than your years? If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it may be time to evaluate some of your daily routines. The foods you eat and even the way you sleep can add years to your face and may shorten your lifespan.

You multitask

If your to-do list never seems to get any shorter, the stress from your hectic life may be taxing your body. Several studies show that chronic stress triggers the release of free radicals, the unstable molecules that damage cells and are responsible for aging. Instead of trying to do it all, suggests concentrating on one task at a time and only moving on once you finish it.



You get by on fewer than five hours sleep a night

Skimping on sleep not only results in dark bags under the eyes—it has also been linked to a shorter lifespan.  Sleeping within the seven-hour range is optimal, get to bed earlier if you have the symptoms of sleep deprivation, which include a lack of daytime energy, mental sluggishness, attention problems, or weight gain.



You spend most of the day sitting

The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle are well-documented: People who spend most of their days parked in a chair are at increased risk for kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, not to mention obesity. Naturally, exercising regularly helps to prevent these health issues and keeps you living longer.



You don’t use eye cream

Skin around the eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face and shows age faster. As the skin ages over time, the skin becomes drier since the sebaceous glands produce lesser sebum. Eye cream act as moisturizer that locks in water into the skin, helping to stop the progress of fine lines. As a moisturizer, eye cream serve as a blockade against environmental factors or conditions.



Reveal Instantly youthful Eyes with Pevonia Botanica Lumafirm Eye Contour Lift & Glow, an intense breakthrough in eye zone rejuvenation.


Made from Watermelon, apple, lentil fruit Watermelon, Kombucha and Sorghum, this powerhouse product is the ideal solution for visible repair around the fragile eye zone. Unequalled in formulation and instant results, it contains a Pevonia exclusive collection of the latest high-tech cosmetic ingredients to visibly smooth lines and wrinkles, diminish dark circles and ease puffiness around the eye area.

Applying twice a day, in the morning and at night, eye cream help improve the texture of the skin by softening the rough or thick patches surrounding the eyes. Though wrinkles cannot be removed in a snap, eye cream that contain anti-aging ingredients can aid the sensitive part of the eyes. Eye cream are aimed to reduce the wrinkles and to help prevent the formation of new wrinkles.






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