Natural Sunburn Cures

Jakarta is getting very hot lately. The sun is shining brightly, never hide behind the clouds. If you are a very active person, don’t forget to apply sun screen to protect your skin. Your skin can burn if it gets too much sun without proper protection from sunscreen and clothes. To help heal and soothe stinging skin, it is important to begin treating sunburn as soon as you notice it.

Getting a sunburn is a very bad idea, its looks bad, hurts, peels and inflicts long-lasting, wrinkle-inducing damage. After sun treatment is as important as sun screen treatment.  So here are some ways to ease the pain and maybe, just maybe, limit the damage…

1. Act Quickly – If you feel the tale-tell tingling of a burn or see any sign of skin reddening on yourself get out of the sun and start treatment.

2. Put a cold towel on your skin – Do this for 10 or 15 minutes a few times every day. That will help take some of the heat out of your skin. You also can take frequent cool baths or showers to help relieve the pain. As soon as you get out of the bathtub or shower, gently pat yourself dry, but leave a little water on your skin. Then, apply a moisturizer to help trap the water in your skin. This will help ease the dryness.

3. Hydrate – Sunburn makes you get very dry inside, so you need to drink a lot. Drinking extra, juice and sports drinks water when you are sunburned helps prevent dehydration.

4. Leave blisters alone – If your skin blisters, don’t pop them because that makes the sunburn worse. Blistering skin means you have a second-degree sunburn. Allow the blisters to heal and protect you from infection.

5. Moisturize – After a cool shower or bath, slather on a moisturizing cream or lotion to soothe the skin. Repeat frequently to make peeling and flaking less noticeable.

Although sunburn may seem like a temporary condition – a result of skin receiving too much exposure from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays could cause long-lasting damage to the skin. This damage increases a person’s risk for getting skin cancer, making it critical to protect the skin from the sun.

Pevonia Botanica After Sun Soothing Gel relieve painful sunburn and immediately decrease your skin’s temperature with this cooling and refreshing gel. A potent compound of Proline and Water Lily extract, combine to soothe, desensitize, and gently alleviate your sun-sensitive skin.

With key ingredients to soothing and cooling such as : Water Lily Green Tea and Chamomile, You could use Pevonia Botanica After Sun Soothing Gel after sun exposure by applying evenly all over your face and body.


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Healthy Aging

Aging  is the accumulation of changes in a person over time. Aging in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological and social change. A significant problem related to physical for many people is aging skin.

As we get older, our bodies change in dramatic ways. The aging of the skin is one of the most dramatic changes and tends to define the age of the person. The healthy and beautiful skin that may have been present during our youth eventually disappears.

We could see several of signs that skin is aging :

  • Fine wrinkles
  • Transparent (see-through) skin
  • Greater visibility of skin pores
  • Loss of skin firmness on the hands and neck
  • Sagging in the face, neck and upper arm
  • dry, flaky and itchy skin


Do you have those signs? If you do, you should know that part of a successful treatment plan is recognizing the aging skin signs when they first occur. In this way, treatments can begin immediately, or corrective actions can be put into place to prevent additional aging skin from occurring more rapidly than it should.

Pevonia Botanica Age Correction Marine Collagen Cream from Pevonia Botanica Power Repair Line with key ingredients of Marine Collagen and Squalane gives benefit such as moisture bonding, anti wrinkle, rejuvenate and soften fine lines. This tri-phase homogenized Marine Collagen Cream combines Squalane and Marine Collagen to infuse moisture and provide UV protection. Anti-aging, it softens fine lines and wrinkles while replenishing vital nutrients.

Aging skin also tends to be thinner and more delicate on the face and hands. Many people don’t think that they need to use a moisturizer because they have oily skin, but you need to restore whatever moisture has been removed through washing or external aging factors.

As your skin ages, it doesn’t replace itself as quickly. Elastin and collagen, the proteins that keep your skin strong and elastic, are produced more slowly. That’s why your skin needs help from Pevonia Botanica Age Correction Marine Collagen Cream to provides collagen into your skin and keep it look youthful.


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Facial Arts

Pevonia Botanica at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan

Guests of The Ritz-Carlton Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan hotel now can experience newly crafted beautifying spa treatments with an exclusively prestigious spa skin care, Pevonia Botanica. This new alliance between the two luxury brands presents a haven to reawakening the senses and uplifting the energy of our urban society. The collaboration of the legendary luxury spa service of The Ritz-Carlton Spa and Pevonia Botanica features a series of signature facial and treatments of natural indulgence for all health and beauty seekers.

Pevonia Botanica is the elite spa care line chosen by prestigious spas worldwide. In concept, Pevonia Botanica is a product line in direct union with nature. It is environmentally sensitive, not animal tested and has been profoundly analyzed for irritability, sensitizing potential, toxicity and photo-allergy. The face and body treatments offered are crafted along together with The Ritz-Carlton Spa and can be tailored to guests’ preference. Indulge in The Ritz-Carlton Spa original treatment with the ultimate natural care by Pevonia products with the exclusive The Facial Arts treatment.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa provides total of 7 trRCMK- Pevonia 3 - resizeeatments from Pevonia Botanica, they are  Organic Fusion, Propolis Remedy, Organic Oligo Peptide, Luminous “C” & Sea Facial for the ladies. And for the gentlement The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan gives three more alternative treatments like  Men’s Botanical  Organic Remedy Ultimate Youthful for Him. Not to forget the De-Stress Eye Puffiness for Eye Treatment to complete your treatment at the spa.

This treatment ensures maximum indulgence and tranquility of a healthy pampering while experiencing the true The Ritz-Carlton Spa legendary service. The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan is situated in an open area affording beautiful views.  Sleek sophistication outside provides a way to warm elegance inside, where each guest room and suite offer an oasis of pampering and prestige.  Accommodations are one of Jakarta’s most spacious. For more information and reservation, please call The Ritz-Carlton Spa at +6221 2551 8975.

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Work Smart, Not Hard

Work Smart,  Better Result

Hard work, where person perform their job without any plan, they put their 100% effort to achieve the goal. But in smart work, person perform their job by well plan, and they put their all effort to achieve, not only the goal but unique identity also.

Working smarter, not harder, is an age-old adage. We all should master the concept and your entire working life will be easier.  There are simple methods that we could apply and implement in life :

1. Prioritize.

Make work outline and limit your goals. Before you plunge into something please list down the list so you can be sure that every details is accomplished on time and accurately.  Try to do things in one batch at a time, put your best effort into that until it is accomplished.

2. Evaluate Your methods

You want them to be as efficient as possible. Do your work when you have no distractions surrounding you. You want your efficiency to be maximized as much as possible.

3. Be Flexible

Your day will not always go as planned. Be open to trying new methods and doing new things.

4. Take Care of Yourself

Have some rest. You should ideally be getting eight hours of sleep every night. You can certainly pull continuous 12 hour days at work, but it’s not sustainable. After a certain point, your body becomes tired and your mind wears down, leading to more frequent lapses in concentration and careless mistakes.

Working hard gives you results, and working hard and smart at the same time gives you the top results. Happy working..!!

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